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Dalbeg Attractions

The Burdekin River at Dalbeg sports truely a magnificient monolith set into the river bank.A croc can sometimes be seen sunning itself on the river bank early on winter mornings. While Millaroo has an outrageously large Blue Gum Tree touted to be possibly the largest tree of it's type in Australia. Many species of birds can be seen at these sights.

See a Cane Fire  

The wind has to be in the right direction before the fire can be lit.  The grower, harvester operators and helpers sit and wait on dusk until the wind is right.  The shout goes up and the fire is on.  Three men have burners, others have wet bags to quickly put out a spark, while there are 2 water tractors to help keep the fire under control.  The men with the burners walk around the cane field dropping flames in the trash and slowly the flames take hold, the wind gets behind the fire and forces it to the end of the field that was not lit.  What starts as a small crackle builds into a great roar and in an instant it is a crackle again.

Fishing and 4 WD Driving

Unique to Dalbeg is a challenging gazetted 4wd track to the Gorge and Blue valley Weirs.  Barramundi, black bream, Dew fish have been caught at these weirs and in the Burdekin River. 



Bird Watching

For the bird watcher many different species of birds can be seen in this area.  From the massive wedge tail and white bellied sea eagles to the crimson finch and mistletoe birds.

Dalbeg to Ravenswood  and Burdekin Falls Dam

Take a very interesting day trip to Ravenswood and the Burdekin Falls Dam. 

Ravenswood was once a thriving gold mining town. Today it is almost a ghost town with a population of around 100 who service the surrounding area and cater for the growing tourism.
By any measure Ravenswood is a fascinating town. It is a ghost town to keep the average visitor busy for hours and hours. The mullock heaps, the old shafts, the chimneys, and the old buildings make it an informative journey into the past."



Yongala wreck





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